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You're Changing your Last Name

Pop that champagne or pour yourself a cup of coffee! You’re going from Miss to Mrs!

You have the ring, you have your dream guy, and you get to plan your dream wedding, but now what?

It is always a thrill, and really, any newly engaged gal wants to get on planning right away, but now is the time to take a step back and enjoy that new ring on your finger; own that title of fiancé for just a little while. Once that little while is done, it's time to follow these 3 steps to get the ball rolling.

1. Pick a date, any date! -

Before you proceed with any planning, pick a date. This may seem like a small thing but it really will help you nail down the rest of your vendors and planning strategy. Think about it this way, you see this gorgeous venue on Instagram, you fall in love, you meet with them, you say you are unsure of a date, and BAM! You are now planning a wedding for 3 years out. When it comes to talking with vendors you love, you need to make sure they are available for that date, and if they aren’t, keep a few options in your back pocket!

Now, once you pick your date, it does not mean it is set in stone. (cough, 2020, cough) You may have your ideal date picked out, but sometimes your ideal vendors are not available for you then. If that is the case, this is when you need to sit down with your soon to be hubby and maybe go with your second choice. 2021 is already lined up to be an interesting wedding year with the amounts of reschedules and cancellations 2020 brought, it may be best to look at a few different options when it comes to getting married this coming year. But don’t let that scare you, you don’t know until you plan!

2. Find a planner, and find yourself a good one! -

It may seem like hiring a planner will take all the DIY out of your dream wedding, but really, a good planner is there to help you execute those dreams! Having a planner on your wedding team will help you with vendor choices, and getting what you want! (Let’s be real, we all get a little bridezilla on at least one component of our wedding!) Plus, they should have a list of preferred vendors, which we highly recommend utilizing those vendors; they must deserve to be preferred. Most venues provide planners, and that is always something to consider, but if you are venue free and getting married on the side of a mountain, you may want to do some research on planners who provide those services you need!

A planner should be like an accessory for your wedding day. You really need to focus on finding a planner that is there to help navigate your plans, not change them! Take a look at their portfolio, read reviews, and set up a free consultation with them. If you are not liking their vibe, then no big deal, on to the next meeting! You may also consider hiring a day of coordinator only, but if that’s the case, you should be meeting with them before the big day! They should know your wedding day plan like the back of their hand.

3. Nail down that venue!

See, this has not been so bad, has it? I am sure your grocery shopping list is scarier than the first 2 steps. But now, this one may be the hardest one of all, but don’t be scared, you got a great guy and planner to help you. When picking out your perfect venue you need to have a picture in your head. Do you want to get married in an open meadow, do you picture yourself in the mountains, do you see yourself at a ranch? Big wedding, micro wedding, elopement? Whatever you land on, start researching venues; Google, Pinterest, Instagram, use your planners knowledge! Schedule tours, or if eloping, visit the area you want to have the ceremony performed at. There are a lot of different components when it comes to picking a venue, but your heart will know the right one when you see it!

This can all seem so intimidating and like a lot to handle, but you got this! There are many resources a new bride can utilize, and as always you can reach out to us at High Country Brides with any questions! We got you girl!

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