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Tips & Tricks: Picking your Venue

We caught up with one of our preferred vendors, Michele Venter from Urban Events Colorado to ask her what is one tip she has when picking out your venue. She not only gave us one, but she broke it down to make it more simple when you feel like you may be struggling with deciding where to start!

I would say how to get started on picking a venue is three-fold.

1. Choose a season-- Seems easy enough, right? Well… you would think but there’s a lot of factors to consider in a season, especially in a state like Colorado where seasons can have a mind of it’s own. I mean, last year it snowed in the middle of summer, where it was 100 on Saturday, and Monday it snowed. Yeah… that was fun. (Insert sarcasm here). They don't call it #coloradoweather for nothin'.

2. Choose 2-3 dates within your season- It’s always good to have back ups. Have your ideal date in mind, but have a couple backups just in case. That way, if you visit a venue you love, and they are not available for your ideal date, you can be flexible in choosing a couple others.

3. Find the venue- My suggestion is always to go to at least two venues. If you find the perfect place on your first attempt, great, but don’t limit yourself. You want to go to the venue with these things in mind. Remember, venues are booked about 12-14 months in advance (18 months post-COVID)

We also had to share some amazing pictures from a styled shoot Michele planned. Check them out below!

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