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Questions to ask you Colorado Mountain Venue

Colorado has easily become a wedding destination, but if you don’t live in this great state, there may be some unknowns when booking your dream mountain (or prairie) venue! We have thought of a few good questions that you should be asking your venue before you say “I do!”

Colorado has an ever changing and always interesting climate. I mean, it is not unheard of it to be snowing here in the middle of June, or who knows, you may luck out with a 60° day in December. So the first question you may want to ask your venue, what is your weather policy? More likely than none, the venue will have a secondary ceremony site if it is unbearable outside. Most weddings are usually not canceled due to weather, so be prepared to brave some weather on your wedding day, especially when in the mountains! Do not forget to inform your guests to bring layers when traveling to Colorado, it can be sweater weather at 9:00 am and sundress weather at 3:00 pm, but you wouldn't be getting married in the mountains if you didn't expect something a little rustic about it!

Here at High Country Brides, we are all about that rustic, perfectly imperfect, wild wedding style, but what happens if you get too wild and you can’t expect an Uber at your location? Your venue should be able to be accessible by Uber, Lyft, or any other transportation services. This is probably the top question to ask your venue! If it isn't accessible by those services, it may be best to set up a shuttle for your guests back to their hotels, and I am sure the venue can recommend a few different companies. You should not expect to have an open bar and to have your guests get back safely to their room! This discussion should also be followed up with, “is it ok for my guests to leave their vehicles here overnight and what time do they need to be picked up by in the morning?” There is a reason these people made your guest list, make sure they party safely!

A lot of rustic mountain venues are pretty remote, but they should be set up to host weddings as if they are in the middle of town. One thing that is not thought about to be asked is "do you have an outdoor sound system?" The ceremony site is generally a good walk from the reception site, which could mean no electricity to that area. If you have a larger wedding, one thing you may need is a microphone for your officiant so guests in the back can hear your vows! Not to mention the wind, which is the worst weather condition known to man, that's beside the point, you’ll just want to make sure your guests can hear over the wind as well. You also have to think about the music you will be walking down the aisle to; Will you be playing certain songs as your ceremony starts? If this element is important to you, make sure you add a little star next to this question in your cute little wedding notebook!

High Country Brides is always here to answer questions, as 2 Colorado native gals, we love to give you advice on all things mountainy, bad-assy, and pretty!

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