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Planning a Successful Styled Shoot

Styled shoots are a great way for vendors to connect and build relationships within the wedding community, but sometimes it can be a little intimidating and you can feel unsure of where to start. We have a few tips to have a successful styled shoot!

Have a plan, a theme, and a color scheme! This is a must before you start reaching out to potential participants. If you come to most vendors with a solid plan and idea, they will be able to better decide if this styled shoot is the right vibe for this business. Make sure in your plan you cover a date, start time, and your desired location. We would next pick your theme, boho, western, rustic, classic; the themes are endless! Then based on your theme and potential venue (date is a factor too!) build your color scheme. We personally like using Coolrs.co to build our own palette!

Once you have the dirty details sorted out, it is best to do some social media stalking for vendors that fit your vibe. Look at their grid as a whole on Instagram, check out their galleries on their websites, make sure they fit what you are looking for! Remember, it is not always about the followers, it is good to check the interaction on their posts. Are they getting a decent amount of comments and story shares per post? When stalking the good old Instagram, it is also good to check their location. We have found we have the best results in having vendors participate in a shoot if they are within 2 hours of your venue location. A lot of these vendors are participating for free and to help build their portfolio, and sometimes it is just not within their budget if they have to travel a distance to participate!

Once you have your vendors nailed down, keep in constant communication with them all. Introduce everybody via email, and keep an email chain going for all communication. If you have initiated the shoot, and you are essentially in charge, make sure you are there to answer all questions and concerns. We find it best to start a google doc to share with all vendors that includes any type of contact info, social media handles, and what they are providing for the shoot.

Take these tips and run with it! Don’t be afraid of asking, they may say no, but that may be a sign you were meant to work with others. Don’t forget to laugh, connect, and keep in contact. This group of vendors may be your go to’s, and you will most likely want to work with them again in the future!

As always we here to answer questions, as 2 colorado native gals, we love to give you advice on all things mountainy, bad-assy, and pretty!

Vendor List for Featured Styled Shoot:

Planner: Birch River Events & Co

Photographer: Ana Finn Photography

Venue: Wyoming Territorial Prison

H+MU: Katie J Beauty

Floral: Poppy's

Stationary: Chirps and Crickets

Model: Emily Brinegar

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